Our Services

Wow your audience with a brilliant and intuitive website, courtesy of a small team of design ninjas constantly working behind the curtains.


A solid brand is what your visitors will remember you by. Make that first impression last!


We do the heavy lifting to increase your website’s visibility online.


Your website is your online home. We want your visitors to feel welcomed and cozy using the best web development techniques.

What We Do Best

Get any of our services below at mind-blowing rates.


A carefully though out and well-executed branding strategy separates you from the pack.

Web Design

The best web design and web development services for less than $1000.

Search Engine Optimization

We help your website rank higher in search engines and for the right reasons. Our SEO strategies are built on research and careful analysis.

Content Strategy

The best content strategy to get more clients, web traffic, and more conversions using the best unique selling point.

Information Architecture

We design your website information in a way that is easy for your users to understand and navigate your site.

Business Consulting

We help you find the perfect domain name for your website. We provide business consulting for websites, Hosting, Cloud, Domains.

Work with a Team of Talented Design Ninjas

to ensure your website is unique, responsive, and accessible across all platforms!

Best Web Designers

Our Trademarked
Process & Workflow.

We involve you in the entire web design and development process. 

Watch as we hand-craft a custom website that has the best user experience and suits your brand’s GOALS and VISION.

Project Research

We study your competition and see what we can do different…and BETTER!


We come up with a blueprint that envisions how your resulting website will look like.


We further tweak the wireframe/blueprint for the best User Experience (UX design)


We build your website ground up, brick by brick. Slowly but surely, we bring your dream website to life!

Meet The Team

We are passionate about seeing your website ideas come to life!

Eddie is the team’s Quarterback. He does all the hunting and brings back the spoils for the team to work on. Besides meeting clients and cutting deals, Eddie loves raising Pitbulls as well.

Edward Perez

Team Lead, Manmade Websites

Isaac does all the wording for your website. He doubles as an On-page and Off-page SEO expert. Isaac takes lots of photos too!

Isaac Mwendwa

The Wordsmith, Manmade Websites

Abdul is our web expert. He takes the blueprint and brilliantly builds on everything ground up to deliver a stellar product, YOUR WEBSITE.

Abdul Rehman

Web Developer, Manmade Websites

Let’s Work Together

A Journey of a 1000 miles begins with one step. Begin yours today! Give us a call and let us hand-craft your first unique and intuitive website that will convert visitors to customers.