As Google constantly changes its algorithms and we keep seeing many other shifts in the online marketing world, one remains constant, SEO.  Although we are winding up 2021, it is never too late to lay down the foundation for your online website, blog, or store to come back strong in the coming year. Here are SEO best practices 2022 to help you do just that!


Professional link-building

Getting some solid links from news sites and whatnot is good. But if you want your website to be great, you need to start building organic links to your website. How do you do that? By approaching websites in your niche, or complementary websites, with a higher domain authority than yours. Write informative guest blogs that will be published on these websites directing readers back to your website. Go for top websites with a domain score as high as 70. (Calculate your domain score here).


Guest blogging

We touched on this a bit, but we can dive in further. To come up with the best guest posts, first, find out what the respective guest websites need. Check their article writing style and what kind of topics resonate with their users. It does not hurt to message the website owner for more details. Once you have done your homework, sit down and write a stellar article that will wow the website’s respective audience.

When search engines see traffic going to your webpage from high domain websites, they know you are doing something right. The guest site gets a high-quality and informative article from you while your website gets a higher ranking and domain score from search engines. It’s a win-win for everybody.


Good old long-tail

Do you want to know why your website is not ranking for certain keywords? It is because you are competing with industry-leading websites for those keywords. How about you snatch the traffic from right under their feet with solid long-tail keywords?

What are long-tail keywords? They are longer and specific keywords that online users type in search engines when looking for something…well…specific. For example, ‘iPhone 13’ is one keyword that many tech websites are competing for right now. To beat them at their game, you could go for a long-tail keyword like ‘iPhone 13 Pro Max Prices’. That is a highly specific keyword with a greater conversion rate; Why? Because anyone typing such a keyword is specifically looking to buy an iPhone 13.


Optimize for mobile

We cannot talk about SEO Best Practices 2022 without mentioning optimize websites for mobile. If you check these stats by Tech Jury, you can see that more people access the internet using mobile devices. It is paramount that your website looks good on both desktop and especially mobile phones and other hand-held devices. The same goes for how you optimize your content for respective viewers.


Local SEO

We know aiming at the sun to land at the moon is a great idea. Yet, when we are talking SEO, it is best to conquer the moon first before thinking about the sun; especially if you want to rank higher and faster. Local SEO means targeting keywords and using link-building strategies that suit your locality. Go for the low-hanging fruits by targeting customers that are closer to your business, and by closer we mean they can walk to your store. If you are an online business, targeting local customers will ease the cost of operation as you work on scaling up to national or international standards.



These are the SEO best practices 2022 that are not likely to go out of style soon. They will lay down a solid foundation for your small or medium business to scale up in the coming year. Of course, you have to keep yourself up to date with the latest search engine algorithms to avoid getting penalized off guard.